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Thermal materials

Heat sensitive recording material refers to the information recording materials which are self generated by the excitation of thermal signals, including a heat-sensitive recording paper and thermal recording film. Widely used in business, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, airports, logistics and other fields. Its variety is increasing and its use is becoming wider and wider.

The company has successively developed cash register thermal paper, normal thermal paper, bill thermal paper, label thermal paper, label thermal materials and other products.

  • Basic principle
  • Use of attention

The thermal paper,based on the base paper or film,is coating by the chromogenic layer on it, and sometimes there will be pre-coating and top coating in order to obtain an excellent printing clarity and various protective properties. The chromogenic layer is mainly composed of adhesives, chromogenic agents, colorless dyes (latent dyes) and sensitizers.

When the thermal paper meets the high temperature condition, or was heat by using the heating element, the chemical reaction  will be happened between the chromogenic agent and the colorless dye to display the image. And the preinstall image could be imaged on the thermal paper by using the thermal printing terminal equipment.

1. Thermal paper should be kept away from high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight. It is better to keep it below 30°C and below 75% RH, and store it away from light.
2. Avoid water, sweat, oil,  organic solvents, acids, alkali and other substances, especially no protective performance thermosensitive paper, so as not to affect the color performance of thermosensitive paper or lead to discoloration of the handwriting.
3. Try to avoid the color phenomenon caused by heating due to friction.
4. Some special ink and ink paste will affect the color rendering performance of thermal paper.Need to be tested before use.
5.The thermal printhead needs regular cleaning to ensure the quality of paper printing and prolong the life of printing head.
6. Do not contact the food directly with thermal paper.

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